A Couple of Applications and Advantages

A Couple of Applications and Advantages

We know that biochar as a soil amendment, including turf management, is going to create a large market for biochar. The combination of The Jumbo Dryer and PyroDry creates a biochar that has no detectable PFAS and is one integrated and managed system. Some of our customers who are drying dewatered sewage sludge are “bulking” up the feed stock with other biomass such as corn stover, chicken manure, or finely ground woodchips. This gives the customer two advantages: more biochar and less energy costs in that the higher percent solids of the feed stock means more waste heat from the pyrolyzer is available to heat the dryer.

Other advantages of The Jumbo Group include a higher efficiency due to the unique cloud in the drying chamber, smaller footprint, and flexibility in arrangements of the moving floor storage, dryer, pelletizer and PyroDry. Many times, we are able to fit our equipment into their existing building.

And we are better looking than the competition!

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