Our First US Pyrolysis Installation Is About to Ship!

Our First US Pyrolysis Installation Is About to Ship!

Our first installation is soon departing Germany for its new home in Freeburg, IL! This has been an exciting journey to bring the future of sludge drying via pyrolysis to the USA. Shane Reinneck farms soybeans and corn. In addition to providing food for America, he also takes care of the sludge waste of several municipalities.

As the EPA is rendering more stringent requirements for biosolids used as fertilizers, Shane proactively adjusted his methods of disposing the sludge from Class B biosolids to Class A biosolids of 90% DM. To obtain this level of dryness, Shane will be using the STR-12, capable of loading over 29,000 pounds of 20% DM to produce approximately 6,500 pounds of dry pellets PER DAY. But the process will not stop there! Shane will then be loading the pellets into the PyroDry 5000, a pyrolysis unit which will take those 6,500 pounds of pellets and produce 3,500 pounds of 99% DM, biochar, otherwise known as Black Carbon.

This biochar has undetectable levels of PFAS and is about 12% of the weight of the original 20% dry filter cake when it arrives to the farm. Without any other marketable applications, one can immediately save on disposal costs to the landfill, although there is more money in selling the pellets than disposing of them. The dry pellets from the dryer can be sold as fertilizer as well as fuel for the pyrolyzer. The biochar can not only be used as fertilizer, but it can be further applied as a biofilter for treating water, air filtration, and even separating PFAS from groundwater. Did we forget to mention that the SRT-12 and PyroDry 5000 operate with minimum dust and odor? Yeah, well that was very important to Shane and his neighbors!

We are ecstatic to see how Shane will use the STR-12 and PyroDry 5000 to pioneer this new technology and become a beacon for other farmers and engineers in the Western Hemisphere wishing to utilize pyrolysis to dispose of sludge while saving money and the environment.

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