Municipal Cake Drying Benefits

What are the benefits of drying cake from a municipal wastewater treatment plant to 90% solid pellets?

A normal municipal WWTP creates tons of dewatered cake that contains bacteria, plant nutrients, organics and inorganics plus tons of water. A ton of cake can be only 400 lbs of solids and 1600 lbs of WATER. This can be hauled off for fertilizer, taken to landfill or composted. The older methods of incineration or drying beds are a thing of the past.

The main benefits of The Jumbo Dryer with Pelletizer are:

  1. Turn the Class B sludge cake to Class A. Far safer to dispose of and far less regulations to deal with.
  2. Nutrient Recovery. Capturing and reusing the nitrogen and phosphorus for fertilizer saves money and reduces runoff to streams, rivers, and lakes.
  3. Lower disposal costs. Hauling and dispersing tons of water on farmers fields or into landfills is becoming more and more expensive and going nothing but up. Reducing to 90% solid pellets makes economic sense and no dust makes material handling less of an issue.

The Jumbo Group Dryer offered by Universal Drying Systems has excellent efficiency, small footprint, ease of operation and competitive pricing makes a logical choice for drying cake.

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