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See the Drying Chamber in Action from Inside!

Totally Contained Modular Drying & Pyrolysis System

The European community is 6-10 years ahead of us in dealing with sludge disposal problems. Now we have the technology available in the US.

Universal Drying Systems brings a unique methodology using a Hybrid Paddle Drying System to resolve all these issues with efficiency and the highest quality.

The game changer is the ability to transform biomass/sewage sludge disposal problems into a Class A Fertilizer!

We will follow the exact same path as the Europeans:

  • -Meeting Class A Sludge Requirements
  • -No Dust Emissions (<1ppm) or odor
  • -90% Dry Sterilized Pellets
  • -Compact System
  • -Stainless Steel Equipment
  • -Fuel Options: Natural Gas, Propane, CHP Exhaust, RNG
  • -Recover Nutrients: Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Potassium, and Sulfur
  • -Low Maintenance Cost
  • -Low Energy Consumption (approx): 2 MM Btu per Ton of Water
  • -Use Multiple Systems to Always stay Online
  • Remove PFAS to an immeasurable level with pyrolysis

Dryer System     – – – –

Our dryer can operate on Natural Gas, Propane, RNG, CHP Exhaust or a combination. 

The Jumbo Group GmbH – Manufactured in Germany

The highest quality and most efficient sludge drying and pelletizing systems on the Market. With the experience of hundreds of installations in Europe, it’s now “OUR TIME” in North America.