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It’s official! Pyrolysis and drying for small to medium operations is now happening in the USA. Shane Reinneck received the first US installation back in December; two months later, he can proudly say that he is in the drying and pyrolysis business! After being assembled in his building, the STR-12 and PyroDry 5000 are real […]
Our First US Pyrolysis Installation Is About to Ship! Our first installation is soon departing Germany for its new home in Freeburg, IL! This has been an exciting journey to bring the future of sludge drying via pyrolysis to the USA. Shane Reinneck farms soybeans and corn. In addition to providing food for America, he […]
Universal Drying Systems Secures First Order for The Jumbo Dryer and Pyrodry 5000 Pyrolyzer   In February of 2022, Universal Drying Systems was contacted by Shane via their website. Shane is an independent farmer located in southern Illinois who along with his son farm 3500 acres of no till corn and soybeans. They also operate […]
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