Sewage Sludge Dryer

*This Page is Under Construction*

Our dryer can handle sewage sludge from 15-35% dry solids.

The sewage sludge is fed from digesters or sedimentation/storage tanks using a sludge loading container into a screw conveyor. There the sludge is mixed and reduced to a higher DS content before it enters the dryer, without the normal bonding problem.

The system can be fitted with a cyclone combustion chamber with a multi-functional top-mounted burner to generate energy from the combustion of free-flowing biomass. The energy can also be generated by a gas burner or by integrating the exhaust gas flow of a CHP. The options offer customization and therefore the best price for your specifications.

Due to the special sewage sludge drying procedure, the evaporation rates are extremely high and are below a thermal energy of 2650 W per gallon of water. During the procedure, the hot exhaust gases are transported from the gas and biomass combustion directly into the material dispersal of the dryer. This allows for almost ideal physical conditions for the evaporation of water.