Dryer:  All sludge / cake contact areas are of A4 stainless steel (316/316L equivalent).  The outside is covered with A2 stainless steel (304 equivalent) except the legs are A4 stainless steel.

Pelletizer:  The frame including the legs are carbon steel and epoxy coated.  The pelletizer exterior is covered with Aluminum panels.

Moving Floor Loading Container:  The Loading Container is manufactured from a standard shipping container which is modified for our purposes.  The internal sides of the container are lined with 6mm abrasion resistant hard plastic and the moving floor is of zinc plated steel.  The legs are of heavy steel construction and epoxy coated.

  • All conveyors are of A4 stainless steel for material contact areas.
  • Control System-Siemens S7 SPC control unit and Siemens instrumentation.
  • Support-Complete system monitoring via internet connection to the German factory and USA offices.
  • Exhaust gas from dryer 140º F (60º C) and < 1ppm dust emissions.

We can arrange your dryer in almost endless possible layouts to fit your plant.


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Side Elevations

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