Check out this article by Ph.D. Wolfram Buss! It discusses the current environmental concerns of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and the 20 studies that corroborate the benefits of pyrolysis. Of the two thermal removal methods of PFAS, pyrolysis is by far superior to incineration in the reduction of greenhouse gases, not to mention the […]
Universal Drying Systems Secures First Order for The Jumbo Dryer and Pyrodry 5000 Pyrolyzer   In February of 2022, Universal Drying Systems was contacted by Shane via their website. Shane is an independent farmer located in southern Illinois who along with his son farm 3500 acres of no till corn and soybeans. They also operate […]
What are the benefits of drying cake from a municipal wastewater treatment plant to 90% solid pellets? A normal municipal WWTP creates tons of dewatered cake that contains bacteria, plant nutrients, organics and inorganics plus tons of water. A ton of cake can be only 400 lbs of solids and 1600 lbs of WATER. This […]
The option to dry and pelletize sludge waste is blossoming in the US, as it is in the European community. Many municipal and/or industrial plants have already turned to drying and pelletizing to eliminate dust emissions, reduce sludge volume, and minimize costs. Furthermore, the American Biogas Council states that the US House of Representatives released […]
During these difficult times, we strive to protect our clients, employees, friends, and our families as much as possible, while continuing to supply much needed equipment and services. We understand the need to keep things moving while we adjust to extraordinary circumstances. In this period of the Corona virus pandemic, municipal WWTP are taking a […]
Bissingen, Germany Sludge Dryer Installation   In 2017 the German government put into place new, stricter, ordinances regarding the disposal of sewage sludge. This is to protect the drinking water from increasing contamination from industrialization, intensive farming, and sewage disposal. The new ordinances require municipalities to provide proof of enhanced disposal procedures which will result […]
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