Drying Chambers

The dryer is made up of several connected drying chambers. These are separated by automatic sliding gates.

Each Chamber consists of four half shells and four ejection shafts. Each ejection shaft is powered by its own drive motor. The shafts, together with the drive motors, are located outside the drying chamber for ease of maintenance. All bearings are provided with a lubricant by a central lubricating unit. The damp sludge is constantly held in a cloud of material in the air through the rotation of the ejection shafts. The hot exhaust gas is blown into this at a temperature of about 572°F (300°C) and sets an immediate, highly efficient drying process in motion.

The material remains in the chamber during a period of time that has been calculated by the system. Then, the chamber portion opens, the sludge is thrown into the next chamber and the empty chamber is immediately refilled. On average, the entire retention time in the dryer is less than 5 minutes and is programmed to be split across the individual chambers.