First US Installation Is Up and Running!

It’s official! Pyrolysis and drying for small to medium operations is now happening in the USA. Shane Reinneck received the first US installation back in December; two months later, he can proudly say that he is in the drying and pyrolysis business! After being assembled in his building, the STR-12 and PyroDry 5000 are real beauties in addition to those wonderful pellets and biochar. Shane is loading a consistent feed around 20% DM (dry material). The technology is impressive. Shane can trouble shoot problems remotely since all the equipment is tied into an integrated program. He can even discuss issues with Jumbo Group in Germany in real time.

There is now minimal, non-offensive odor inside the building; outside is even less. This was an important factor for Shane since he takes in sludge waste from several municipalities in addition to feedstock. Shane is utilizing a biofilter next to his building. He will have the exhaust tested soon by an engineer. We are so excited for Shane and our future of drying and pyrolysis.








As the EPA is tightening regulations for PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) this year, there will be more mandated reporting of PFAS contamination in the air, ground, and water as well as fines enforced (EPA Proposes Initiatives for FY 2024-2027). Class B biosolids are no longer allowed to be used as fertilizer; farmers and municipalities are now turning to new environmental technology to achieve Class A biosolids as well as diminish PFAS levels. Incineration is no longer a viable option as it still emits pollutants into the air. Disposing of sludge in landfills is becoming increasingly expensive by the ton. Thus, Universal Drying Systems and Jumbo Group are here to partner with you in the production of 90% solid pellets (Class A biosolids) and 99% solid biochar (Black Carbon, undetectable levels of PFAS via pyrolysis). Now is the time to profit while protecting the environment!

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