Ahead of Our Time:

The Jumbo Group smart dry GmbH

Manufactured in Buttenweisen, Germany.
The highest quality and most efficient sludge drying and pelletizing systems on the planet. With the experience of hundreds of installations in Europe, it’s now “OUR TIME” in North America.

We are in the midst of ever increasing pressure to expand disposal of biomass/sewage sludge from anaerobic disasters. The European community is 6-10 years ahead of us in dealing with these exact pressures.

The game changer is the ability to transform biomass/sewage sludge disposal problems into a Product!

It is not rocket science. Just physics, the right technology, and a bit of common sense!

We will eventually follow the exact same path as the Europeans:

  • No more wet sludge to be spread on fields
  • 90% Dry Pellets are Produced
  • No Dust Emissions or odor
  • No Storage Issues
  • No Wasted Resources, such as heat from CHP or produced RNG
  • Recover the Nutrients: phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium, and sulfur
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Unattended Automatic Operation 24/7 with Remote Monitoring

Our STR exhaust gas dryer for biomass/sewage sludge not only fulfills all the demands of the regulations, it also goes far beyond. Due to the special geometry, drying occurs with a level of efficiency not yet achieved on the market.

The dryer uses the pure exhaust gas flow of a CHP as a source of energy, which is otherwise emitted unused into the atmosphere. Half of the thermal energy of a CHP can be found in the pure exhaust gas flow. With the 550°C (1022°F) hot exhaust gases, the dryer achieves and evaporation of 600W per liter (2271 W per gallon) of water, which is an unparalleled efficiency. Due to the hot air effect, complete sanitization of the dried sludge occurs in the same way as the water, which evaporates. Biomass/sewage sludge can also be treated and dried emission free using pure exhaust gas. From a ton of contaminated biomass/sewage sludge, the exhaust gas dryer created 250kg (550lbs) of sanitized pellets, from which the nutrients can be reclaimed and fed back into a circular ecology.

Using the gear pelletizer, which was specially developed for our process, the treatment of dried sludge is dust free and emission free, forming the ideal basis for any subsequent recycling. In most cases the pellets pass Class A criteria.