You Can Produce Class A Biosolids

Ahead of Our Time:

The Jumbo Group GmbH

Manufactured in Germany.

The highest quality and most efficient sludge drying and pelletizing systems on the planet. With the experience of hundreds of installations in Europe, it’s now “OUR TIME” in North America.

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The Dryer in Action!

The European community is 6-10 years ahead of us in dealing with sludge disposal pressures.

The game changer is the ability to transform biomass/sewage sludge disposal problems into a Product!

We will follow the exact same path as the Europeans:

  • No more wet sludge to be spread on fields
  • Sterilized Class A Sludge Requirements
  • No Dust Emissions or odor
  • 90% Dry Pellets
  • No Storage Issues
  • No Wasted Resources, such as heat from CHP or produced RNG
  • Recover Nutrients: Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Potassium, and Sulfur
  • Low Energy Consumption

Dryer System    – – – –

Our dryer can operate on Natural Gas, Propane, RNG, CHP Exhaust or a combination.

Dryer Efficiency: 600 W per Liter (2271 W per Gallon).

We can transform a ton of Biomass/Sludge into 500 pounds of 90% dry sanitized pellets.

Dryer System Exhaust <1ppm Dust.

Our target market is medium to small communities with populations of 35,000-250,000.

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